About Us

Thank you for considering advertizing your property for sale or to rent with We are a new platform for realtor agents as well as the occasional homeowners (FSBO) who wish to advertise their own listings or properties for sale or to rent in all 50 states.

So how does it work?
It's simple just create an account then click ADD Property at the top right of the home page follow the instructions upload your images of your listing(s) for sale or for rent and description of the property. Yip! it's that simple. We will approve the images our end and it will be shown.

You pay once for your listing(s) and the listing is only removed when sold or rented by you, you set the price and you’re in control. It’s your listing, we will not show how many days the property has been on the market as we feel it can reflect on low offers if the property has been on the market for a considerable amount of time. We do not believe in “Premier Agents”. You are in full control of the listing information and you can updated any changes you require at anytime. is owned by WeeBig properties Ltd. I am sticking with our Scottish heritage as in Scotland we use the word “Wee” for small. So it doesn’t matter if you have a wee house or a big house we welcome you to our website and thanks for becoming part of our WeeBig family.

Hey! One last thing our business is operated and owned by a disabled war veteran.

WeeBig Properties team.